About Me
Hello, I'm Lesley
Bird Enthusiast and Amateur Photographer from Kentucky

I've always enjoyed being outside with nature. That could mean hiking, working on a garden, or sitting on the porch watching birds. That last activity led me to an interest in learning more about our feathered friends. This interest then segued into a renewed exploration into photography. Little did I know that photographing birds isn't the easiest hobby. Especially trying to capture birds in flight.

This website is my attempt in connecting with other like minded birders and photography enthusiasts. I want to start out by documenting my journey in learning the best way to capture birds through images. I'll be adding images as I add them to blog posts. I've also compiled a gallery of some of my favorite photos. I've included photos from non-birding adventures as well. I just love trying to capture images from unique perspectives. Most of all I like to share what I see with others.

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