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sleepy hummingbird Sleepy Hummingbird

In the summer while visiting my mom I love watching the hummingbirds gather at the feeder and the zinnia garden. Sometimes they can get quite feisty with one another.

mockingbird Mockingbird

The drill sergeants of the songbirds. This commanding bird can be spotted most days in any backyard. They have quite the personality and will go up against larger birds at times. I like how close my lens was able to get to capture the eye of the bird in this shot.

beach heron Beach Heron

This guy was hanging out on the beach most days during a vacation to Orange Beach, AL. He was a pretty chill bird just strolling along the beach.

red tailed hawk Red Tailed Hawk

We get a lot of visitors in our yard since it is out in the country among fields. I welcome the sight of a raptor to help keep the rodent population in check. This beautiful bird was hanging out in my front yard one day.

green heron Green Heron

I believe this is a juvenile green heron. I spotted this specimen at a park in Evansville, IN. The bird was hanging out near this swampy pond.

Northern Harrier Harrier in the Grass

Usually this bird is flying in the distance. On this occasion I was lucky to find her in the grass. She was there for a while and I was able to capture her from a few different angles. What a treat!

Sparrow Sparrow

Love this time of day before the sunsets. The colors are so rich. This sparrow was just hanging out in the grass alongside the pond.

Dark Eyed Junco Ice Junco

There was an ice storm before this picture was taken. Everything was so shiny and cold. This dark-eyed Junco was chillin' (literally) on the branch attached to a redbud tree.

Kingfisher Kingfisher Hunting

Kingfishers are some of my favorite birds to watch. So small, but very vocal. You'll catch them waiting for fish from a tree on the bank of a pond.

Flying Harrier High Flying Harrier

I've noticed multiple Northern Harrier Hawks in the park near my house. They like flying over the fields to hunt for prey. I've even watched them scuffle with crows. The Northern Harrier has an owl-like face. In fact I mistook them for owls when I wasn't able to zoom in far enough.

Geese Skein of Geese

At dusk and dawn the geese gather near a large lake at the park near my house. Sometimes I'll see them flying over my yard on their way to the park later in the afternoon.

Juvenile Black Crowned Night-Heron Juvenile Black Crowned Night-Heron Landing

This was the first time seeing this fun bird. It was one of those moments where I didn't even see him until he started flying away. At that point I scrambled to get my gear ready for a shot.

Heron Sunset Heron

Captured this at the end of the day when I was ready to pack it up and get in the truck. Saw the heron flying into the distance and liked the way the silhouette looked against the sunset.

Heron Turtle Heron

This shot peaked my interest because of the Great Blue Heron. When I looked at the shot after the fact I noticed the turtles on the log. Friends!!! Love when things like that happen!

baby owlHeron Baby Owl

Someone on social media mentioned there were baby owls at the Joe Ford Nature Center in Owensboro, KY. I had to check it out. Fortuneately, this is a place where there aren't lots of people to disturb the owlets. I had my long lens, but I think the owl spotted me.

crowned sparrow Crowned Sparrow

This moody photo comes courtesy of a photo day after a snow. I spent most of the day taking advantage of the birds stocking up on goods from the feeders.

blue jay Landing Blue Jay

After spending some time getting use to shooting these jays coming in for landing I was able to snap this shot. My goal with shots like this are to try to see those feathers in the wings.

Male Cardinal Male Cardinal

Matching Pair - Part 1

Female Cardinal Female Cardinal

Matching Pair - Part 2

Lunar Eclipse Partial Lunar Eclipse

I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning so I could watch the peak of the partial lunar eclipse. It was pretty cold outside during this event, but I was able to capture a couple cool shots. I'm not sure if I've paid attention to a lunar eclipse before this event.

Moon Bird Moon

This was taken prior to the lunar eclipse. I was visiting the park and admiring the full moon. When you click on this image you'll notice some small specks near the moon. Those were birds flying in the distance.

Eric Church EFC & Jack

Eric Church enjoying Jack Daniels at the Ford Center.

Joanna Cotten Joanna Cotten

Joanna Cotten performing with Eric Church at the Ford Center.

Eric Church Eric Church

Eric Church at the Ford Center in Evansville, IN.

Sarah Jarosz Sarah Jarosz

Sarah Jarosz performing at Romp in Owensboro, KY.

Romp Romp

Behind the sound board at Romp in Owensboro, KY.

Blue Angel Blue Angel Waiting

found a spot near the airport to watch the angels take off and land. Love that long lens!

Blue Angel Blue Angel 6

Blue Angel 6 in action.

Blue Angel Blue Angel Diamond

Blue Angels flying in a diamond.

Blue Angel Flying Dirty

Blue Angels flying with landing gear deployed. This is also known as "flying dirty".

Blue Angel Angels Over the Bridge

Blue Angels flying over the blue bridge in Owensboro, KY.